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Congratulations to the

Prize Winners!!

​​Group D
  • 1st Prize: Sunny Le
  • 2nd Prize: Joyce Chan, George He
  • 3rd Prize: Jessica Li
Group C
  • 1st Prize: Richard Brown
  • 2nd Prize: Season Lin
  • 3rd Prize: Lucas Zhong
  • Best Performance of NZ Work: Richard Brown
  • Best Performance of Chinese Work: Season Lin
  • Highly Commended: 
    • MJ des Tombe​
    • Lincey Jiang
    • Hebe Lin
    • Minh Duc Nguyen
    • Kaydi Zhang
Group B
  • 1st Prize: Hao Tian Peter Hu
  • 2nd Prize: Andy Li
  • 3rd Prize: Christina Chen, Bo Ting Yang, Derek Kong
  • Best Performance of NZ Work: Hao Tian Peter Hu
  • Best Performance of Chinese Work: Bo Ting Yang
  • Highly Commended: 
    • Selena Yap
    • Chloe Wang
    • Shihui Wang
Group A
  • 1st Prize: Tony Chen
  • 2nd Prize: Amelia Liu, Samuel Yuan
  • 3rd Prize: Emma Zhou, Lyndey Jiang. Agnes Kwan
  • Best Performance of Chinese Work: 
    • Samuel Yuan
    • Agnes Kwan
    • Lyndey Jiang
  • Highly Commended: 
    • KaiSeen Koi
    • Jinhan Lu
    • Freya Yang
    • Max Zhang
*All 1st prize winners will perform one work selected by the adjudicators at the Gala Concert on Saturday 23rd January. A few selected winners of Best Performance of NZ and Chinese Works will perform at the concert too, and we will notify those students via email by evening of Friday 22nd January.
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