New Zealand Music Competition

Piano and Violin Category 2021

The 2021 New Zealand Music Competition is open to piano and violin students in four age groups.

Piano Category: 

Competition Date: January 21 - 23, 2021
Competition Venue: Adam Concert Room, New Zealand School of Music, Wellington

Violin Category: 

Competition Date: January 28 - 31, 2021
Competition Venue: TBC, Christchurch

Description of Groups - age on 01 Jan 2021
A: Age: 7 - 8           Max. 5 minutes     
B: Age: 9 - 10         Max. 8 minutes     
C: Age: 11 - 13        Max. 10 minutes     
D: Age: 14 - 18       Max. 12 minutes     

•    1st prize trophy and $50 for A and B
•    1st prize trophy, and $100 for C and D 
•    1st prize winners of each group will be invited to perform at the gala concert 
•    Each group will have two 2nd prizes with medals, three 3rd prizes with medals, and five commendable prizes with certificates 
•    Each group will have one prize with certificate and $50 for The Best Performance of a Chinese Work, and one prize with certificate and $50 for The Best Performance of a New Zealand Work 
•    In addition, all 1st prizes will be supported by one of the arts organisations in New Zealand, details will be announced later

•    The actual number of prizes will be determined by the adjudicators depending on the number of applicants

Repertoire Requirement:
•    Free choice of repertoire 
•    A maximum of 3 pieces 
•    Choice of repertoire is at the discretion of the competitors (however, we encourage students to perform both New Zealand and Chinese works) 
•    Once submitted, the repertoire cannot be changed 

•    Two to three adjudicators per group
•    Details of the adjudicators will be announced later

Other Information:
•    Applications will open until 18th of December 2020

•    The order of performers will be in alphabetical order by surname 
•    The decision of the adjudicators is final

•    The adjudicators reserve all rights for the number of prizes given. 
•    The organisers reserve the right to make any changes to the event if necessary 
•    Rights to any competition performance, whether broadcast, televised or recorded, belong to the competition, and no fee is payable for any transmissions, recordings or broadcasts of them 
•    The organisers will not accept any responsibility for any accident, loss or injury, which may occur to any competitor or to his/her property whether arising out of negligence or otherwise at any time in relation to the competition. 
•    In the event of fewer than 5 entries being received for the age group, the organisers reserve the right to cancel the competition for that group and change the format to non-competitive performance

**Application is now closed.

Please email application@flyingdognz.com for further inquiries.