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  • Do I need to complete the ABRSM Grade 8 exam before applying the Young Artists programme of the festival? How about the Rising Stars programme?

No, you can apply as long as your current level is equivalent of the ABRSM Grade 8 and perform at the live audition or send a video recording. For Rising Stars programme applicants, there is no exam requirement. However, we recommend you to register and attend the live audition on November 2.


  • What is the cut-off date for the Rising Stars competition age requirement?

A competitor’s age is determined on date of the preliminary round - November 2, 2019 


  • Can I participate in the Rising Stars programme without participating in the competition?

Yes. Please refer to the registration form for more details


  • Can I send a video recording in place of the live preliminary round on November 2, 2019?

Yes, but we encourage all applicants to participate in the live round, if possible. Please see the registration form for detailed instructions.


  • My application is late, do you accept late applications?

We highly recommend you send in the application before the deadline, any late applications will only be considered if there are spaces available for that programme


  • Will I be guaranteed a placement in the Rising Stars programme, if I participate in the preliminary round in November?

Yes, you will be placed in the programme after you have paid the full fee. However, only students who successfully passed the preliminary round are guaranteed with public perform opportunities and compete in the final round during the festival.


  • If I withdraw from the festival after paying the full fee, can I get any refund?

No. All fees are non-refundable. The fees are used to secure venues and guest artists, depending on the number of students, so the participants are fully responsible to make sure they can attend the festival.

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